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single_forgood's Journal

Single: and we want it that way...
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We Are Single: And we Like it that way!

*We are all genders, all orientations, all sorts of people.
*We choose not to date, for whatever reason it may be - we are single by choice and not circumstance.

Not a part of the dating scene?
Then this is for you! It seems that the world is geared towards shopping around for another person. Everything from the way we dress, to the car we buy seems to revolve around impressing potential mates, and husbands or brides. We are a group of people who have decided for whatever reason to remove ourselves from this loop. It doesn't mean that we are abstinent, or that we don't love any of the people around us, but that we do not spend our time looking for a date or concerning ourselves with the status of our relationships.

Here is a place to meet other people with the same lifestyle, discuss the special problems that can occur when you meet someone and they cannot undestand your lack of desire to engage in a committment or relationship title, the joys of only worrying about what you want to do and not always someone else - or whether or not you will "ever meet anybody". That sort of thing.